Our Core Values

You Gotta Wanna

We only surround ourselves with passionate people. Our heads and hearts are in the game!

We Are Brilliant At The Basics

Nothing else matters if business basics are not executed to an excellent standard. We take pride in attention to detail—the “little things” in business that most others skip over.

We Are Referable

We practice the 4 Referability Habits.

1. Show up on time. 
2. Do what you say.
3. Finish what you start.
4. Say please and thank you.

We Are Excellent Communicators

Effective communication is the cornerstone of our business. We’re open, honest, and sincere both internally (co-workers) and externally (clients). Be bold, direct, and don’t be afraid to get naked - pick up the phone rather than sending an email. Trust that your coworkers have your best interest in mind. We offer our clients straight-talking, straight forward solutions.

We Are Avid Students And Patient Teachers

We are committed to continuous learning to better ourselves and willingly share our knowledge and experience with an abundance mindset.

We Don’t Just Go Through The Motions. We Make It Happen!

We go the extra mile when it counts! We are paid to make a difference, not to settle for the status quo and average results. We’re not here to solely drop off reports, We want to make change and improve the industry, one individual & client at a time. We focus our attention on those who need it most.

We Own Our Outcomes

We don’t whine, complain, or make excuses. When a situation is tough or difficult, we know better than to blame others. We take ownership of the situation and our results. We look at challenging situations as an opportunity to develop ourselves into better people and improve our own lives and the lives of others around us.

Together, One Team

Our team’s success depends on the energy and commitment from every member of our team. We instinctively pitch in and help out others knowing that it comes full circle. We’re responsible for the energy we bring to the team. Every member of the Barmetrix team impacts thousands of lives in a positive way. Our work makes clients better employers and better businesses, and we take that responsibility VERY seriously.

We Are The Brand!

We don’t buy flashy advertising or have a storefront window. What we do have is our people! We grow our business by transferring our enthusiasm and conveying professionalism. We’re on a quest to be the best!