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Liquor, Beer and Wine Inventory Control for Bars & Restaurants

Beverage Inventory control for bars and restaurants is tough to do and has only gotten tougher with the explosion of products over the last 20 years or so. Add in the latest trends such as craft beers, craft cocktails, craft spirits, premade/batched cocktails, etc. and you can see why nobody has the time or the tools or the expertise to stay on top of tracking their inventory on a week-to-week basis.

Barmetrix was founded to take this task directly out of the hands of bar staff who had neither the expertise nor the incentive to do this task properly. To do this task properly, Barmetrix uses a scientific and consultative approach to make sure that each product you sell is being tracked.

This includes ensuring the following:

  • Your POS is properly setup i.e. there is a button for each drink that is sold
  • Your glassware is consistent with your pouring sizes
  • Each recipe is properly documented for your staff to follow
  • A proper procedure for comps and promos
  • A proper procedure for transfers and requisitions
  • A proper procedure for tracking wastage and spillage
Barmetrix bartender training

One of the biggest challenges with getting your liquor inventory in line is getting staff to buy into the new procedures you need to put in place.

Good news! The solution to this challenge is very straightforward—it's all about regular communication with staff.

This all starts with Barmetrix doing a presentation for your staff, so everyone on your team fully understands how the process works and what their role is moving forward.

Just by having staff know what the rules are and that everyone will be held accountable to these procedures, will help drive the results and numbers you want to see.


Key Numbers for Restaurant Inventory Management

The 3 key numbers that Barmetrix focus on are:

  • Overall variance, i.e., the amount of product you're missing
  • Actual Cost of Goods % vs Theoretical Cost of Goods %
  • How much stock do you carry?

The objective is to get your Actual Cost of Goods % as close as possible to your Theoretical Cost of Goods %.

The way to do that is to reduce your variance percentage as close to ZERO as possible. (Barmetrix clients typically maintain less than 4% variance.)

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