Stop the Presses!

Barmetrix has been featured in the press recently. Take a look at the articles below!

Out of Control

Out of Control, Out of Business
CRFN Magazine Jan-Feb 2013

The average bar or restaurant loses 10% beverages and 15% of its food to variance and shrinkage. To prevent these losses, you need to gain control over your inventory.

Generation Why

Generation “WHY?”
CRFN Magazine March-April 2013

You count on your front-line staff to deliver bottom line profits and the majority are Generation Y. Here are 3 tips to help get your team on board with your goals.

Playing to win

Playing to Win
CRFN Magazine May-June 2013

Without a scoreboard, you don’t know how many points your favorite team needs to win the game, so why is it that so many businesses operate without a scoreboard for their team?

Above and Beyond

Above and Beyond
CRFN Magazine July-Aug 2013

Does your staff REALLY know how to make your guests feel? If not, you might need to read this article and overhaul your service strategy.

Price and Profitability

Price and Profitability
CRFN Magazine Sept-Oct 2013

Is your business not bringing in as much as it should? Maybe you need to take another look at your pricing strategy.

The Leadership Effect

The Leadership Effect
CRFN Magazine Jan-Feb 2014

Hiring the right people and celebrating when great things happen can really improve your business. Here are some tips to help your human resources team.

Double Your Profits

Double Your Profits
CRFN Magazine May-June 2014

Are you focusing on your peak selling period? If not, here are some tips to help you maximize your profits.

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement
CRFN Magazine July-August 2014

How engaged are your staff? Here are some tips for running a successful staff engagement survey.