"Offered multiple actions to help us identify issues within our business, and gave us the ability and knowledge to apply effective, result-producing solutions!"

- Robert Hand, The Jersey Giant, Toronto

what you get:

  • Take-home workbooks filled with exercises, theories and questions
  • Customized analysis of what’s working in their business
  • Tailor-made workshop structure, adjusted for operators large and small
  • Insights into staff, stock, and marketing efforts
  • Access to hand-picked experts on cost control and resource utilization
  • Strategies to maximize the sales potential of high-margin items
  • Top operators’ secrets to optimizing peak trade revenues
  • Assistance with personal development, including time management
  • Understanding of key business principles including The Platinum Principle,
    The Hawthorne Effect, eliminating critical constraints and staff quadrants.
  • Clear action strategies to take back to the business
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Learn More about our Management Workshops

Barmetrix has been running Management Workshops since we started in 1999. We are committed believers that constant education is not an option in todays business world.

One new idea could be the difference between winning and losing in business. Our objective when running these workshops is to create a safe environment that fosters open discussion and sparks creativity amongst hospitality professionals.

In this video, Sean and Matt take you through their thoughts on why they feel constant education is a must for any business.

To learn more about our management workshops….