Gain Control of Your Liquor Costs and Reduce Your Losses to less than 4%

When you hire Barmetrix to help you with tracking your liquor inventory, within a few weeks, you can see an immediate return on your investment. We have proven time and time again in over a thousand venues that by using our outsourced inventory control service and by following our advice and coaching, you can increase your profits by tens of thousands of dollars each year.

Watch the video to see why so many of our clients will not run a business without Barmetrix.

what you get:

  • Reduced liquor costs
  • An unbiased, 3rd party expert that will tell you the hard truths
  • No need to have your managers purchase expensive software or equipment
  • Have your managers work on other critical areas of your business, not counting bottles
  • Data that tells you exactly where the issues exist in your liquor Inventory
  • Personalized coaching on what to do with this data and get immediate results
  • Best practice on what the top operators are doing in your area right now!
  • Fully reconciled reports in your inbox within 24hrs
  • Unrivaled customer service
  • Streamlined ordering process that allows you to only order stock you actually sell
  • Assurance that your staff are making drinks according to your recipes
  • Risk free trial
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Learn More about our Inventory Control Services

The number one reason for our continued growth is through referrals from our existing customer base. In the video below you will hear some of the reasons why our clients continue to use our services year after year and why they refer us to their peers in the hospitality industry.

Let us take over your liquor inventory control.