2012… Now What?


Engineering Success2012

2011 was the busiest year of my professional life. I worked hard, but did not accomplish all of my goals.

When I reflected back over the year I heard the words of John Wooden ringing in my ears “Never mistake activity for achievement.”

Living into my potential requires four BIG changes. Sharing them with you is my first step on this journey.

Accountability – I will be more transparent in my goals this year and increase the number of people to whom I am accountable.

White spaces – it takes discipline to protect meaningful blocks of time in my calendar. I will to fight hard to ensure that the URGENT does not cannibalize the IMPORTANT.

Utilizing my team – I will put more trust in those around me and give them space to do their jobs at a level of excellence while I do the same.

Saying no (more often) – I will remind myself daily that saying YES to new things cannot take time from my top priorities.

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do!

Do you have any advice for me? Or commitments to change that you want to make? Use the comment button below for either.


To an amazing 2012,

Sean Finter

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