3 Reasons Why Competition Fires Me Up


Over the last few months I have seen more new competitors and more activity from our core group of competitors than ever before.  I am confident that you are seeing a similar increase in competition in whatever space your business works in.  I can honestly say that the increase in competition has absolutely fired my team and I up.

Since seeing this increase in competition, our company has experienced the best results we have seen all year.  Below are the 3 reasons our team has seen rapid growth in our most competitive market ever.

  1. Increased Focus on Customer Service – Everyone on our team has taken their customer service to the next level.  Every team member is now looking for more ways to over deliver on our customer’s expectations every day and during every interaction.
  2. We Have Doubled Our Education And Training – We are spending more time than ever “sharpening the saw” and ensuing we have the right tools and skill sets to best serve our customers.  This increased focus on training and education has not been easy, but has fundamentally changed our business.
  3. Increased Focus – All top performers want to win, some of the best athletes have been quoted that they remember their losses or missed shots more than their wins and touchdowns.  Our team is committed to maintain and grow the relationship with every client.

The steps above are part of our culture, steps that every business can take in order to win in a competitive market.

Competition is something we can all count on, don’t let competition control your future, follow these steps and continue to be the leader in your market space.

Post ItTo your success,
Matt Rolfe