3 Lessons We Can All Learn From The Great Jack Daly


I’m part of a business group called Entrepreneurs’ Organization. Being a part of this group has changed my life in many ways. One thing I love about the group is the exposure we get to industry-leading speakers from all areas of business. One of my favorite speakers from the very first time I saw him on stage was Jack Daly. His passion and the value he delivers are next to impossible to match.

I picked up Jack’s book, Hyper Sales Growth, and could not put it down last weekend. This book is focused on the sales process, but there are endless culture, general process, and communication lessons that even those who don’t sell for a living will get huge value from learning and acting on. Below are 3 tips that we can all learn from Jack. I urge you to pick up the book and implement some of these teachings into your business.

3 Things We Can All Learn From Jack:

  1. Recruiting is a Process, Not an Event — Our industry experiences more staff turnover than most. We need a process for recruiting and we should always be hunting and looking for the next “A” player because when it comes to “A” players, we’re always hiring!
  2. Celebrate New Hires, Not Ones That Are Leaving — What are you doing to make the first day for your new managers or staff members truly memorable? At Barmetrix, we have a process to celebrate employees’ arrivals to the company. Even as the employer, you only get one first impression and making it count can make all the difference in the fight for great talent. Focusing on an employee’s first day, not their last day (like what most businesses do), can make all the difference.
  3. People Without Leaders Are Lost, Leaders Without Process Are Doomed! — The best hospitality venues deliver remarkable guest service by design. Restaurants that stand the test of time do so by continually providing a great guest experience. The backbone of that experience is the processes they have created, trained for, and continually measure against.

Post ItThere are 100s of more lessons in Jack’s book. Everyone in our industry is selling every day.

Take the time to read Hyper Sales Growth and then take action. I promise you will not be disappointed.

To your success,
Matt Rolfe