Don’t Get Stuck! Take Control & Take Action!


Over the last month, I have talked to at least a dozen people who have told me stories of hanging on to an employee or a job for too long. At a certain point, we make the internal decision that it’s better to move on, but it’s so hard for many of us to make the actual transition, causing us to keep an employee or stay in a job past what I call the “expiry date.”

In my experience, we keep people or stay in a position based on the simple fact we don’t know how to transition from where we are today to where we want to be. Even if we know where we want to be and how much we’ll benefit from making the decision, the fear of the shift can hold us back for weeks or months. Below are my tips for making a transition.

  1. Visualize yourself on the Other Side of The Transition — Take the time to detail all of the benefits of making the move from where you are today to your next desired position or hire. Get detailed and really put yourself fully on the other side of the transition.
  2. Break the Transition into Small Steps — Now that you know all of the details and benefits on where you want to go, break it down into small steps. Depending on the extent of the transition you might want to break transition to your ultimate goal into daily, weekly or monthly measureable actions. You’ll be focused on achieving the next step in the process and not just getting all the way to the end goal at once.
  3. Share your Intentions with Those that can Support You — As soon as the steps above have been outlined, share them with someone you trust and that can support you. Having someone support you and the simple process of “publishing” your goals to them can be the motivator that will lead to your success.

Remember it is up to you to take action, you are in control. In many cases, you spend more time at work then you do with your friends and family.

Post ItMaking the transition for yourself or for an employee that’s in the wrong role will ultimately be a win for both you and them.

Take action!
Matt Rolfe