Costly Cocktails!



Sour Face

Last weekend I decided to check out a new venue. After perusing their extensive drink list (about 30 cocktails), I ordered a margarita.

The bartender seemed skeptical when smelling the lime mixer and then proceeded to hang a dehydrated lime wheel shamefully on my glass! At that point I noticed how sticky the bar top was and decided against ordering food.

I was shocked when I tasted the drink! It was overpoweringly sour and so strong that I struggled to swallow the small sip I had taken.

I immediately let him know to which he unapologetically replied “Well, have another look at our list and pick another one or just tell me your favorite and I will mix that up!”

I ordered a bottle of beer.

Firstly, if your bartenders cannot make a margarita they should not be standing behind a list of 30 drinks.

The Varnish.

Secondly, if your team hasn’t perfected the drinks advertised on YOUR LIST, please don’t let them attempt to make a drink off the top of MY HEAD!

In less than 5 minutes my impression of that business was formed. It’s unlikely that I will ever return, nor will my neighbors, who asked me about my visit.

I took the time to write the owner to let him know that both the cocktail and the experience left a bad taste in my mouth. Most customers simply vote with their feet!

To putting our best foot forward,

Sean Finter