Who’s On Your Team?


Julio Bermejo, Owner of Tommy's Mexican Restaurant

Service is my JOB: “I suffer through the hours wishing I was anywhere but here. Each customer robs my energy.”

Service is my CAREER (for now): “I am here for a good time, but not a long time. I make it through the shift with a smile… most days.”

Service is my CALLING: “There is no place that I would rather be. Serving others gives me energy!”

Within 10 minutes, you could put each member of your team into one of those categories.

Last Friday, I had the rare pleasure of watching a master of hospitality in action.

After presenting in San Francisco, I was taken to a small, yet legendary, family restaurant/bar in the suburbs called, Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant.

For the next two hours, I watched the owner, Julio Bermejo, orchestrate the room like the maestro of a world class orchestra, gaining energy with each interaction!

Post ItRegulars were greeted like family and visitors were instantly adopted into the family. I even witnessed a man stop on his way to the airport, just to introduce his elderly parents to Julio!

We can’t all light up the world like Julio, but for those of us who choose a life of service, we should die trying!

Thanks for raising the bar, Julio!

Sean Finter