Compliant vs Committed


Compliant or Committed?In certain sectors, such as fast food, you can run a highly profitable business with a COMPLIANT team. But our industry’s full service restaurants continue to be dominated by incredibly COMMITTED teams.

Telling the difference between those who HAVE TO and those who WANT TO can sometimes be hard when you are right in the middle of it.

Consider this: A compliant person does their best work whenever it is demanded from them. The committed demand more from themselves than their employers do of them.

A compliant person fears losing their job that pays the bills. A committed person gives their all because they love what they do every day.

I have spent my career working with small “underdog” teams, and I would take 5 committed team members over 15 compliant ones any day.

But here is the problem: the committed and the compliant are like Oil and Water, determined to push the other out.

Thriving in this competitive landscape will require stacking your deck with committed “A-Players.”

Post ItTo your success,

Sean Finter

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