Move your feet to move your mind.

Most mammals react to fear with “Fight or Flight.”

Unfortunately, we humans have a third reaction: PARALYSIS.

Recently, a friend of mine, Anna Birch, offered me the following advice when my team and I were STUCK: “Move your feet, move your mind.”

Often, my instinct when I get overwhelmed is to STOP and take stock. That is when my “To Do List” hits me like a 50 foot wave crashing on my head!

My mind can quickly shift to hopelessness where hours turn into days and days into weeks.

Anna’s advice works, but it means that I often have to give up on the idea of certainty in my next step. (Perhaps “certainty” is a delusion that I too often chase?)

Taking the NEXT STEP allows me two key advantages:

  1. I get out of the spot where the piano is about to land on my head!
  2. It allows me to see the situation from a different perspective.

Post ItPutting one foot in front of the other,

Sean Finter

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