3 is the Magic Number


Rhys in lacrosse gear

I grew up playing hockey in Canada and my dad never missed a game.

He is an incredibly bright guy and would offer endless advice on the way to a game, deconstruct everything on the way home, and then add commentary.

He wanted the best for me but the truth is I was unable to absorb much of his advice: too much, too fast.

Now it is my turn…

My son, Rhys, started playing Lacrosse this year in Maryland. He is a big, strong boy with a knack for athletics.

I was on the road last week, so I called him right before practice and asked if he was all set.

He said “Ya, dad, and I promise to work hard on our 3 things:”

  1. WATCH and LEARN from the player in front of me.
  2. FULL OUT every drill. (Out-hustle everyone!)
  3. SERVE YOUR TEAM by helping teammates and be grateful to your coaches.

I must admit, I am in shock, as we had never talked about “Just 3 things.” But something was working!

It caused me to think about how I often fail others by trying to “manage” them, instead of COACHING them. I also have a bad habit of over complicating things, instead of KEEPING IT SIMPLE.

Post It3 really is the “Magic Number!”


Sean Finter

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