Strategy First


There is one thing that the Top 1% always do that the other 99% don’t:

They ARTICULATE their strategy so well that every member of their company not only understands it, but takes ownership of it.

Check out the video attached as I explain to a room full of restaurant managers.

Onwards & Upwards!
Sean Finter




  1. Antoclarke   •  

    Great companies like Southwest show this time and time again – they attract the people that are happy to work with other energetic and happy people and it shows in their consistent experience delivery every day – When I travel I find myself comparing every airline to southwest and would re route my trip in order to stay with Southwest if possible – even if it took longer. Other main stream airlines in the US do not even come close to the experience that they achieve – great example of company focus and delivery Sean

  2. Anthony Ciavarella   •  

    I love your “stickperson and bar” (my term) diagram Sean, I use it all the time to illustrate to bar owners how the complex business of running a bar can be distilled down to those three things – get your staff aligned on this and you will be well on the way to providing an experience that people won’t forget and will come back to, time and again. 

  3. Natascha   •  

    Hey Sean,
    Agreed! Making people smile is one of the reasons why I love this industry so much. We have the ability to create an experience for someone, and that’s a pretty great feeling. What are some of the specific things that your restaurant did to ensure your guests left with a smile?

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