Bar Trends: Japan


What Makes the Great Ones Great

Curious about what the greatest bars in the world are doing RIGHT NOW to amaze and delight their guests?

Global Explorer, Angus Winchester has an ALL ACCESS pass into the bars and restaurants that set the trends and break the molds.

Today he takes us to Japan, land of samurai, Godzilla, and… diamonds made of ice?

Watch this video and see how to add a little WOW! to your drinks!

No passport required…

Sean Finter




  1. Matt   •  

    Angus this is a great trend that I have seen in other countries that we are finally starting to see pop up to some degree in Toronto.  It is amazing the impact this has on your drink or cocktail experience.  As a consumer I am willing to pay significantly more when this type of care is invested in my cocktail and my experience.

  2. Kent Foulis   •  

    Its funny how just taking the mundane (filling a glass with ice) and turning it into something even just a little more exciting can change your perception on it so rapidly.

    Guest experience, not the product, is what keeps people coming back and Japan seems to be hitting the nail on the head!

  3. Layne   •  

    Before this, I had only seen the ice ball machines. Those are also pretty cool – but this takes the cake! I would LOVE it if we had someone doing something like this in our area. Great tidbit, Angus & Sean!

  4. Vince Mcmillen   •  

    I’ve seen something similar to this at a bar called Bar Chef in downtown Toronto. Frankie the owner will carve out some ice from a GIANT block of ice. It takes a longer time to melt and the wow factor is tremendous

    • Layne   •  

      O’yeah Vince… I just recently learned about Frankie. Ever seen this video? He blows me away – you will have to show me Bar Chef next time I’m in town.

  5. Sean Finter   •  

    Some venues blow people away they answer the phone, others the way they walk you through the menu and others at how they always find a away to make you feel IMPORTANT.

    Being Brilliant at the Basics is “free” and i can’t help but wonder why i don’t see more of it…?

  6. James Anderson   •  

    Looks kind of fun. I prefer my drinks neat, but I could see how this could help bring in a crowd. Just curious, you know when you get near the end of your drink and tilt it up and all the ice splashes down in your face? How would a boulder feel?

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