Starting with WHY


People don't by what you do, they buy WHY you do it

As managers, we spend a good portion of our time telling people what to do and how do it.Simon Sinek

Great leaders get traction FAST by appealing to why their audience should act a certain way, buy a certain product, or use a certain service.  It is the difference for many between success and failure.

Great business leaders have being doing this for years, but have always found it hard to articulate.

Post-itClick the image for an 18-minute video from Simon Sinek, who gives the best explanation I have ever heard.

Start with WHY and finish first!,
Sean Finter




  1. Jeff   •  

    Great post, Sean. Great video by Simon Sinek, which prompted me to buy his book called, “Start With Why”. It will change the way you think about business – I promise!

  2. Matt   •  

    I had the chance to see Simon speak and shortly after I read his book. It has changed the way we do business and I strongly recommend reading Start With Why.

  3. Jakub Golebiowski   •  

    I agree with you Sean. I believe that employees should have an understanding of company’s operations. It enables them to learn faster and become more valuable professionals. The next step for managers is to give employees more responsiblity and keep them accountable.

  4. LM   •  

    This talk profoundly changed the way I think about my work and my life. Reminds me of what Stephen Covey spoke about, finding ‘true north’ and writing a personal mission statement. Align your actions with what you believe!

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