The Customer Is Always Right, Right?


Clearly, customers are not always right. No one is. But we are not in the business of “being right.”

As a restaurateur, I was in the business of delivering REMARKABLE SERVICE and providing customers with a REASON TO RETURN.

In order for those things to happen, a genuine connection needs to be made between your staff and your customers. The first step in that process is helping your staff understand that each guest has their own way… their own story.

Watch this Chick-fil-a video and gain a new appreciation for people’s everyday stories.

Post ItOnward and upward!

Sean Finter

PS: I’m speaking at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic in less than 2 weeks!

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  1. David Domzalski   •  

    Not sure how I feel about that one.  I get where they are going with it, but it seems like there were far more depressing stories in that room than good ones. Left me feeling more than a bit down.

    On the flip side, I have always loved learning about people and have extended that lately to getting personal with my clients.  I have learned some amazing things about them that has already lead to a great connection.

    Sometimes this even allows us to work on amazing things outside of  our business.  Getting to know the (often random) people around me has never hurt and has, at  times, led to wonderful relationships.

    • Sean Finter   •  

      I would agree that this is not an uplifting piece of
      video. However, the point it tries to make is that everyone has a story and
      that many not be understood many 21 year old staff to the degree we hope
      it is.

      I know that MANY of the people that frequented my restaurants
      came in for an “escape” from the things they were dealing with (sometimes that
      was simply boredom, other times much worse).

      The question I put forward is: What do you do to help
      your Gen Y (age 20- 30) understand where people are coming? People their own
      age or perhaps someone 50 years their senior.

      I have said before that “The Golden Rule” (Treat others
      as you wish to be treated) is a recipe for disaster in the world of business
      today. People want to be treated the way THEY want to be treat and to do that- we
      need to except that everyone has their own story.

  2. Hslogo   •  

    Thank you for that.
    A good reminder for everyday life, not just work.
    I always tell my staff at the beginning of their shift to treat their guests as if they were their grandmother or whomever they have that ‘feeling’ towards. Someone they wouldn’t let anyone hurt them. That usually triggers the compassionate side and shifts are happier.

  3. Antoclarke   •  

    Great piece Sean  – so true

  4. Vincent   •  

    I LOVE how you mention this Sean! We are not here to be right. We’re hear to create great experiences for people and to serve them. Just because the guest was “wrong”, doesn’t mean we should react to it that way. We have to see the situation as a chance to make them want to come back with the way we handle the situation

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