Show Me Your Culture


That is what every Gen Y staff member really wants to ask BEFORE filling out your application. You know you will have this right when you are being BOMBARDED with applications!

As you know, we did our Peer-to-Peer celebration last week. I have always made a point of taking a lot of pictures and now collecting video. I am now committed to being a better storyteller and broadcaster.

I offer you two examples of “Telling your story” and displaying the best of your culture.

Example 1: This year, shot professionally by one of my guys, Jon, and edited back at the office.

Example 2: From last year. We all took pictures, some video on our phones and used ANIMOTO to create a free video: Click here to see it.

Believe me when I tell you that there is someone on your team RIGHT NOW who could pull this off. Your job is to find them and make it happen!

Post ItFired up and ready to go!

Sean Finter

PS: Don’t miss Sean at the Manhattan Cocktail Classic, May 13 in New York City, and at Tales of the Cocktail, July 25 in New Orleans.

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  1. Davylyng   •  


  2. Natascha   •  

    I was fortunate enough to have taken part in this experience, and it was definitely one I won’t forget! As Anna mentioned, people act differently when they are on vacation, and a team acts differently when they are outside of the office. It was such a great opportunity to spend time with our team outside of the regular four walls. We shared, learned, and grew over those 4 days, more than I would have ever expected. It was an absolute pleasure to be there and I’d highly recommend taking the time to do this to any organization! I can’t thank the Barmetrix team enough for having me:) 

  3. Vincent   •  

    Looks like you all had a lot of fun!

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